Year Two

Welcome to Year 2, Elephant Class!

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                                     Class Teacher

                                                                     Mr J. Frecknall

                                     Teaching & Learning Assistants

                                                             Mr Stanley (Mon - Fri AM)

                                              Mrs Hughes (Mon, Weds and Thurs - All Day)

                                                        Mrs Trupia (Tues and Fri - All Day)

                                                             Mrs Cummines (Tues - PM)

                               Welcome to Year 2.

It's the Summer! Will the weather actually do what we need it to now? This term contains LOTS of outdoor learning and getting ready for Year 3. we can't forget sports day nor another educational visit either. What a term we have ahead of us Year 2!

Summer 2024

Curriculum Presentation:

summer 2024 year 2 curriculum presentation.pdf



Homework Menu - Summer 2:




What is your favourite thing that you have learnt in Year 2 and why? Explain the reasons and what you can remember about the topic/subject/event. 

Create a tally chart or pictograph about a subject of your choice. This could be about the amount/colour of cars you see driving down the road or perhaps the number of different types of transport?  

Visit a local attraction in Ware (not Scott’s Grotto!) and find out something about the town’s history to share in class. 

Using a theme of either family, the dark or dinosaurs, write a story focusing on the descriptive language used (adjectives) in order to make the writing stand out. 

Design your own board game that needs dice to play. If you would like to, please bring the game in and we can play it in class! 

Create a poster about a famous scientist/historian/engineer. This could be someone we have looked at this year, or someone we are about to look at this term. 

Write a speech about why Year 3 should have Stick Insects in their class next year... 

Practice your long jumping skills! Measuring your efforts, what are the top three longest jumps you can manage? (To be measured in metres and centimetres) 

Complete a litter pick. You can choose any area you would like to and please submit photo evidence via dojo! This MUST be completed with an adult (for safety reasons) if you choose this option! 

Create a list of the 25 things people should do before the end of Primary School. This might be reading a particular story, playing a particular game or even learning a particular topic. 

Timetable (Updated Summer 2024):







8.45am - 9.00am 

Registration & check in (Spellings) 

Registration & check in: (Reading) 

Registration & check in: (Phonics) 

Registration & check in (Times tables) 

Registration & check in: (Reflection) 


9.00am - 10.00am 







10.00am - 10.40am 


Phonics (10.00 - 10.20) 



Phonics (10.00 - 10.20) 



Phonics (10.00 - 10.20) 



Phonics (10.00 - 10.20) 


Weekly Spelling/ 

Arithmetic tests 

Handwriting (Spellings) 

(10.20 - 10.40) 

Times tables 

(10.20 - 10.40) 

Mental Maths  

(10.20 - 10.40) 


(10.20 - 10.40) 

10.40am - 11.00am 

Break Time & Daily Mile 


11.00am - 12.00pm 







12.00pm - 1.00pm 


1.00pm - 2.00pm 

Class Assembly (1.00-1.20) 


Guided Reading (1.00 - 1.30) 


KS Assembly 

(1.00 - 1.20) 

PE (Outdoor) 





Art/DT (1.20 - 2.00) 


Music (1.30 - 2.00) 



Science (1.20 - 2.20) 


2.00pm - 3.00pm 


PE (Indoor) 


Computing (2.00-2.40) 

PSHE (2.20 - 3.00) 

RE (2.00-3.00/3.15) 

MFL (Spanish) 

(2.30 - 3.00) 

Leadership Assembly (2.40 - 3.00) 

Singing Assembly (2.45 - 3.00) 

HT Assembly (2.30 - 2.50) 

3.00pm - 3.15pm 

Read Aloud 

Read Aloud 

Read Aloud 

Read Aloud 

Read Aloud 

Summer 2 2024 - Medium Term Plan


Week 1 

Week 2 

Week 3 

Week 4 

Week 5 

Week 6 


Scientists and Inventors 

Professor Stephen Hawking (1) 


Professor Stephen Hawking (2) 


Marie Curie (1) 

Marie Curie (2) 

Isambard Kingdom Brunel (1) 

Cross-curricular link with DT 


Isambard Kingdom Brunel (2) 



Local History (Scott’s Grotto/ 

Hertford Museum) 

Where is Ware? (regional and national location) 

What other significant places are near to Ware? How will this have affected its growth? 

What are the physical and natural features around Ware? Cross-curricular link with Geography 

Visit to Hertford Museum 

What local and national events have had an impact on Ware? 


Scott’s Grotto – Virtual Tour 


Summer 1 








Introduction to quizzes 

To explain that a sequence of commands has a start 


To explain that a sequence of commands has an outcome 


To create a program using a given design 


To change a given design 


To create a program using my own design 


To decide how my project can be improved 


Cross curricular opportunities 








Machines and Robotics   

Introduction to robots 

Robot Hunt (school) 

E.A.R.L. revisit 

Challenge E.A.R.L. (using instructions to follow a course) 

Design your own robots 

Complete design and presentation about your own robot 


Changing Me 

I can recognise cycles of life in nature 

I can tell you about the natural process of growing from young to old and understand that this is not in my control 

I can recognise how my body has changed since I was a baby and where I am on the continuum from young to old 

I can recognise the physical differences between boys and girls, use the correct names for parts of the body and appreciate that some parts of my body are private 

I understand there are different types of touch and can tell you which ones I like and don’t like 

I can identify what I am looking forward to when I move to my next class 


Judaism - Rites of Passage and good works    

At what age – timeline creation of responsibilities and legal duties 

What is the best way for Jews to show commitment to God? 

What else can we learn about ways Jews show their  

commitment to God? 


Preparing for Bat Mitzvah 

Showing commitment to God 


Doing good in the world could be a way of showing  

commitment to God 

Exploration of what it means to be committed to something – Creating a pie chart of commitments within own lives. 

Revisit all learning on Judaism – Reflection on the year. 


Reflect, Rewind and Replay 

Reflect - Peer Gynt Suite: Anitra’s Dance by Edvard Grieg - Romantic  


Rewind and Listen Out! Bring Him Back Home (Nelson Mandela) by Hugh Masekela 

Reflect - Brandenburg Concerto No 1 by Johann Sebastian Bach - Baroque  


Rewind and Listen Out! Fly Me To The Moon sung by Frank Sinatra. 

Reflect - From the Diary Of A Fly by Béla Bartók - 20th Century  


Rewind and Listen Out! We Will Rock You by Queen 

Reflect - Fantasia on Greensleeves by Vaughan Williams - 20th Century  


Rewind and Listen Out! Feel Like Jumping by Marcia Griffiths 

Reflect - Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy by Tchaikovsky - Romantic  


Rewind and Listen Out! You’ve Got A Friend In Me by Randy Newman 

Reflect - The Robots (Die Roboter) by Kraftwerk  


Rewind and Listen Out! Count On Me by Bruno Mars 

PE (Indoor) 

Striking Games 

To track a rolling ball and collect it. 

To develop underarm throwing and catching to field a ball. 

To develop overarm throwing to limit a batter’s score. 

To develop hitting for distance to score more points. 

To be able to get a batter out. 

To understand the rules of the game and use these to play fairly. 

PE (Outdoor) 

Net and Wall Games 

To use the ready position to defend space on court. 

To develop returning a ball with hands. 

To play against a partner. 

To develop racket skills and use them to return a ball. 

To develop returning a ball using a racket. 

To play against an opponent using a racket. 



Basic Greeting Intros 

Basic Greetings with ‘My name is’ consolidation 

Greetings inc. ‘How are you?’ 

Basic greetings inc. Three different responses to ‘How are you?’ 

Basic Greetings inc. goodbye 

Basic greetings inc. See you later 

Early Reading at Priors Wood

Please click the above hyperlink to see how we approach early reading at Priors Wood.

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