Year Two

Welcome to Year 2, Elephant Class!

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                                     Class Teacher

                                                                     Mr J. Frecknall

                                     Teaching & Learning Assistants

                                                             Mr Stanley (Mon - Fri AM)

                                              Mrs Hughes (Mon, Weds and Thurs - All Day)

                                                        Mrs Trupia (Tues and Fri - All Day)

                                                             Mrs Cummines (Tues - PM)

                               Welcome to Year 2.

How can we possibly be in the second half of the Spring Term already! It's an exceptionally quick half term - only 5 weeks long, but with a class trip to the British Museum, a Class Assembly, and an external visit from a scooter instructor all to fit in, it might be short, but it will sure be busy! Hold on tight for the ride Year 2!

Spring 2024

Curriculum Presentation:

year 2 curriculum presentation spring 2024.pdf



Homework Menu - Spring 2:




Write a poem about The Dark. This can be rhyming or free verse and can be written from the viewpoint of someone afraid of the dark or in support of the dark. 

Choose 10 items to weigh in your house (in grams and/or kilograms) and rank them from lightest to heaviest. 

Choose a habitat around the world to create a fact file about. What is the habitat? What features does the habitat have? Which animals live there?

Create a set of flashcards for 10 Year 2 Common Exception Words. These flashcards can then be used in school to help your peers. 

Create a list of the top 10 hottest and coldest countries in the world, with their average temperature in degrees celsius (i.e. 38 = HOT!) 

Create a sculpture out of recycled materials for display in the classroom. 

Find and bring in a book about the dark/going to bed/night time that you would like to share with the class. Mr Frecknall is happy to read it to the class if you would like. 

Design a plan of one of your rooms in your house, measuring the length/width of the items and noting them in the plan. 

Design a Health Plan in the form of a poster. What do people need to do to stay healthy – in body and in mind? 


Create a list of the 25 things people should do before the end of Primary School. This might be reading a particular story, playing a particular game or even learning a particular topic. 








8.45am - 9.00am 

Registration & check in (Spellings) 

Registration & check in: (Reading) 

Registration & check in: (Phonics) 

Registration & check in (Times tables) 

Registration & check in: (Reflection) 


9.00am - 10.00am






10.00am - 10.40am 


Phonics (10.00 - 10.20) 



Phonics (10.00 - 10.20) 



Phonics (10.00 - 10.20) 



Phonics (10.00 - 10.20) 


Weekly Spelling/ 

Arithmetic tests 

Handwriting (Spellings) 

(10.20 - 10.40) 

Times tables 

(10.20 - 10.40) 

Mental Maths  

(10.20 - 10.40) 


(10.20 - 10.40) 

10.40am - 11.00am 

Break Time & Daily Mile 


11.00am - 12.00pm 


English (Grammar) 

English (Reading) 

English (Planning) 

English (Writing) 

English (Writing/Editing) 

12.00pm - 1.00pm 


1.00pm - 2.00pm 

Class Assembly (1.00-1.20) 


PSHE (1.00 - 1.30) 


KS Assembly 

(1.00 - 1.20) 

PE (Outdoor) 





Art/DT (1.20 - 2.00) 

RE (1.30-2.30) 


Science (1.20 - 2.30) 


2.00pm - 3.00pm 


PE (Indoor) 


Guided Reading (2.30-3.00) 

Computing (2.00-2.45) 

Music (2.00-2.30) 

Leadership Assembly (2.40 - 3.00) 

Singing Assembly (2.45 - 3.00) 

HT Assembly (2.30 - 2.50) 

3.00pm - 3.15pm 

Read Aloud 

Read Aloud 

Read Aloud 

Read Aloud 

Read Aloud 

Spring 2 2024 - Medium Term Plan


Week 1 

Week 2 

Week 3 

Week 4 

Week 5 

Week 6 


Living things and their Habitats   

Investigating the scientist John McAdam. 

Penguin Diversity – Where do they live? What is their habitat? 

Exploring different habitats - which animals live in which habitats 

Exploring different habitats - which animals live in which habitats 

Soil and Earthworms – Habitats and eating 

Completing a worm survey in the local area. 


Significant Individuals  

The life and times of Florence Nightingale 

Why is Florence Nightingale such an important figure still today? 

The life and times of Mary Seacole 

Why is Mary Seacole such an important figure still today? 

The life and times of Rosa Parks  

Why is Rosa Parks such an important figure still today? 


Summer 1 









Counting and Comparing 

Entering Data 

Creating pictograms 

What is an attribute? 

Comparing people 

Presenting information 


Sculpture Using colours   

Drawing Illustration 

Preparation for class assembly – illustrating signs. 

Introduction to sculpture 

Exploring joining techniques for sculpture 

Designing and making your own sculpture 

Adapting and reviewing sculpture work 

Presenting sculpture work 


Summer 1  








Healthy Me 

Being Healthy 


I know what I need to keep my body healthy 

Being Relaxed 


I can show or tell you what relaxed means and I know some things that make me feel relaxed and some that make me feel stressed 

Medicine Safety 


I understand how medicines work in my body and how important it is to use them safely 

Healthy Eating 


I can sort foods into the correct food groups and know which foods my body needs every day to keep me healthy 

Healthy Eating 


I can make some healthy snacks and explain why they are good for my body 

Happy, Healthy Me! 


I understand which foods to eat to give my body energy 




Engagement Lesson – Discussing loss 

The Easter Story – stopping at the Crucifixion 

The Easter Story – Continuing after the crucifixion. 

Reflection – It is to be celebrated that we believe in different things. What do different people believe? 

Hot Cross Buns – Investigation (and eating!) 




Zootime by Joanna Mangona 


Sing the song 

Kingston Town by UB40 


Sing the song and play instrumental parts within the song 

Shine by ASWAD 


Sing the song and improvise using voices and/or instruments within the song 

I.G.Y. by Donald Fagen 


Sing the song and perform composition(s) within the song 

Feel Like Jumping by Marcia Griffiths 


Choose what you perform today. Start to prepare for the end-of-unit performance 

I Can See Clearly Now by Jimmy Cliff 


Prepare for the end-of-unit performance 




To copy and repeat yoga poses. 

To develop an awareness of strength when completing yoga poses. 

To develop an awareness of flexibility when completing yoga poses. 

To copy and remember actions linking them into a flow. 


To create a flow, perform and teach it to a partner. 

To explore poses and create a yoga flow. 




To understand what being in possession means and support a teammate to do this. 

To understand that scoring goals is an attacking skill and to explore ways to do this. 

To understand that stopping goals is a defending skill and explore ways to do this. 

To explore how to gain possession. 

To mark an opponent and understand that this is a defending skill. 

To apply simple tactics for attacking and defending. 

Early Reading at Priors Wood

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