Year Two

Welcome to Year 2

We hope you are all keeping well at home. On this page, which we hope to update regularly, you will find information on different websites to support your home learning. We will also be posting the daily work that we are setting. The daily work is available on this web-page, it will also be emailed to you and will also be posted on SeeSaw

We have a daily suggested timetable for you to read here, but remember, please do what suits you and your family best. Some exercise, a walk, sharing a meal together, play a game - we all learn all the time. No one will be ahead, no one will be behind when we all come back to school. But hopefully we will all come back happy!




Escape to Space COMPETITION from SETPOINT, Hertfordshire:

"We have teamed up with STARLIGHT STEM to bring you this fantastic Competition for
all primary school pupils aged between 7 -11 years (year groups 2 – 6) who are still at school or working from home! 
Free to enter just click on the link here and it will take you to the online flyer for more details about the competition. 

You can find the active link to enter the competition on the bottom of the
second page of the online flyer 
or just click here to register! 

Please note: One registration per pupil but we are not restricting pupils per household."


 Daily Learning

Weekly ENGLISH Tasks, w.b. 13.07.20

Weekly MATHS Tasks, w.b. 13.07.20

Weekly ENGLISH, MATHS and TOPIC Tasks, w.b. 29.06.20


Weekly ENGLISH Tasks, w.b. 22.06.20

Weekly MATHS Tasks, w.b. 22.06.20

Topic Activity - Science, w.b. 22.06.20


Weekly ENGLISH Tasks, w.b. 15.06.20

Weekly MATHS and TOPIC Tasks, w.b. 15.06.20

Topic Activity - ART, w.b. 15.06.20

Weekly ENGLISH Tasks, w.b. 08.06.20

 Weekly MATHS and TOPIC Tasks, w.b. 08.06.20

 Topic Activity - ART/DT, w.b. 08.06.20


The above plans refer to a variety of PDF documents.

Please email us at: if you would like them. 

They are uploaded daily to our SeeSaw account.


 Brain Teaser Challenges - choose a theme!

These are interactive, so please use the buttons (e.g. NEXT) on the pages to navigate them.

All About Me Castles Magic
Pirates Superheroes Stationery
Travel and Transport


Websites to support learning at home

Non-Screen activities

Online learning

For mathletics click here

Curriculum Activities


It is a good idea to have a purpose to write for sometimes, this helps with motivation, so look for daily opportunities to write such as letters to friends, shopping lists, jobs lists, labels, messages etc.

  • Write letters, particularly to an elderly relatives or people living in your local community.
  • Write a creative story based on your favourite book or familiar stories such as Jack and the beanstalk. Use a picture from a book or magazine and write your own story, rewrite a familiar story.
  • Write a fact file about an animal, place, event of interest to you.
  • Write a recount about a trip you have been on recently or keep a diary.
  • Write a poem, this could be an acrostic poem, rhyming couplets, shape poem about anything you like, favourite person, activity, object, things you can see around you.
  • Write a persuasive letters asking for something and explain why you should have it!

Whilst writing think about compound sentences, expanded noun phases and conjunctions, make your sentences interesting. Afterwards don't forget to edit your work, using green or purple if possible, check it makes sense, punctuation and spellings (use the common exception words list). 


Use the common exception words or the spelling words listed in your book and complete some of the activities from your 'Learning Log'. Or Look - look at and read the word , Cover - cover the word up, Write- have a go at writing the word, Check - if you got the spelling correct, repeated if needed. Have a go at putting these words into sentences.


You have had a range of reading books sent home, use these as well as the online resources (reading owl) and try to read each day. Whilst reading books encourage adults to ask you questions about the books, use the bookmarks provided for question ideas. Also online complete the follow up activities. At bedtime share a story, read together with or listen to grown ups read you a story.


Currently our focus in maths is on multiplication and division. Think about when you need to use mathematics in everyday life. Parents again give the children incidental problems. We have 35 toilet rolls left and use 3 a week, when will we run out of toilet rolls?!

Encourage children to tell the time throughout the day and ask questions such as if it is 6.00 and you have half an hour of television, what time do we need to turn the TV off at?

Encourage children to help with cooking and looking at measurements, ml, kg and cms.

Use mathletics and TTrockstars - logins have been sent home and are inside Green Home Learning Books. 

Printable General Home Learning Pack


Year 1 and 2 Common Exception Words                         100 Square


Acts of kindness