Year Three's Class Page

Welcome to the Year 3 Seals!

Class Teacher:

Miss Edwards

Teaching Assistants: 

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday - Mrs Trupia

Tuesday, Friday - Ms Meadows (AM) Mr Stanley (PM)


Autumn Term



 Meet the Teacher Powerpoint 


Spring 1 Homework Menu

Handwriting - Palindromes

Cross Over - Maths Game

Spring Curriculum Meeting

Spelling Menu

Spring 2 Homework Menu

Handwriting - Poems

Body Measures Maths Game

Dive Into Reading!

Your child has been given their first reading challenge to begin this year, starting off in North America! Please work through the challenges with your child at your own pace. I will be checking these challenges every Friday morning where I will issue subsequent challenges once each one has been completed.

Please remember that the aim of these challenges is to ensure your child is getting access to many different text types and for them to understand and appreciate that reading is everywhere! This is not a race, but a fun personal challenge to engage your child and improve their reading.


KS2 Reading Parent Workshop 

Top 100 Recommended Reads for Year 3

Times Table Rockstars

Each week KS2 classes will battle to win the TTRockstars Trophy!

A tournament of battles has been set up between the classes in KS2 to promote TTRockstars and encourage children to go to there and earn points to help their team win!

Will you help Year 3 win?


Weekly Battles

Please make sure your child is going on TTRockstars at least 3 times a week. 


Class Dojo

To see what we've been up to, please make sure you are linked to your child's Dojo!

Please see Miss Edwards for the QR Code to link your account.