Year One

Year 1 Home Learning Page 

A warm welcome to our wonderful children and parents! Below you will find some ideas to continue learning together whilst at home.

During this period of uncertainty, children may be feeling anxious, so my advice to you all is to maintain a good healthy routine with boundaries. Having said that, please go at your own pace as we are all individual and unique, wellbeing and happiness comes first !

Half Term

Letter from Mrs G


18.5.2020 /docs/BIRD-FEEDERS_Secured.pdf

 /docs/BIRD-SPOTTING_Secured.pdf /docs/Butterfly_Secured.pdf/docs/bughunt_Secured.pdf /docs/Powerpoint_labels_and_captions.ppt /docs/sandwich_intructions.pdf /docs/Italian-Menu-Writing-Frame.pdf

Wednesday 13th MAY 2020 

Good morning the Dolphins! 

Please see my attached letter and learning activities  for will love them  x

Mrs Griffin's Letter

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Summer Term week 4 11th May 2020

Hello Dolphin class ! 

Please see below for your home learning ideas for this week.

I am hoping to be able to arrange a microsoft   teams meeting with the children next week so look out for the invitation.

Letter from Mrs Griffin       /docs/Gruffalo_story_sequencing_cards.pdf  

/docs/Decriptive_flashcards.doc /docs/Gruffalo__thinking_and_feeling.doc  /docs/The_Gruffalo_word_mat.pdf/docs/Mrs_Griffins_Gruffalo_Ideas__.docx 

Summer Term Week 3 - 4th May 2020 

Writing     Phonics     Maths     Topic - VE day


VE Day powerpoint       Flag template   Bunting template   Medal activity

Please do remember the well being of the children and yourselves is paramount, only do what you can. Make sure everyone is taking a break.  Don't forget to do some daily exercise and/or mindfulness.


 Previous Home Learning

Summer Term Week 2 - 27th April

Writing - Poetry    Phonics Tasks

Maths and Science              Weather Powerpoint                  Weather Chart    


Spring Term

Monday 20/04/2020

A warm welcome back to the incredible Dolphin class!! 

Please see below activity ideas for Year 1!




Thursday 2nd April  and Friday 3rd April  2020  Activities 




Tuesday 31st March  and Wednesday 1st April 2020 Ideas of Activities. Please also check your child's email.





 Our Winners!

Mrs Collins by Noah 


  Mrs Griffin by Tate           Mrs Lawrence by Olivia-Rose


 Miss Hughes by Lily         Mrs Pearmain by Ellie 



Our Amazing Portraits !


Please check for ideas to support learning at home but remember that your happiness and well being  comes first. We are all individual and learn at different paces! 

I will be emailing some of the children's work, photos and videos over to Mrs Forrester this week so year 1 can be part of the film she is creating.

If you do want me to include your child then please send me an email saying you give permission . Alternatively , if you have previously stated that you do not want your child to be included on the website or the Priors Wood Facebook page but you have now changed your mind and would like your child to be part of the film, please also send me an email and copy in to say that you are giving permission for your child to be included on the website and Priors Wood Facebook page.

See below today's ideas for activities.

Remember to pace yourselves , relax and have fun, learning should not be a chore. I know you are all doing a great job!






27.3.2020- Hello to the Dolphins 

I am concerned that some parents have not made contact with me via their child's email. Parents please can you message fellow parents if you have them on social media to check they are aware of our learning page.

Many thanks 

Mrs Griffin

See attached your learning for today.

Check in to LIVE: A virtual Zoo day at Chester Zoo - Public Event 

Well done you are all superstars, have a restful weekend! 






26.3.2020- Good Morning Dolphins !

See the attached link for your learning today.





 Competition Time !  25.3.2020

 Dear children

I have emailed you all today to challenge you to draw a portrait of two of the members of staff in your Year 1 class and our head teacher  Mrs Collins! 

So you can draw Mrs Collins and Mrs Griffin or Mrs Collins and either Mrs Lawrence or Mrs Pearmain or Miss Hughes.

Please use a pencil to draw and then colour in with a felt tip pen. Label the portrait with the adults name at the top and then sign it with your autograph at the bottom.

If the portraits can be attached and then emailed to me on the Year 1 email address I can then choose the winners.

The winning portraits will be displayed on the school website! 

Parents you are doing an amazing job! 





Routines and Ideas

 if you begin your day at 8.30am- start with some mindfulness  music. You tube Mindfulness music for kids 

9:00am Do a register -" good morning Alfie and how are you today?"  Make it fun for them.

Talk about what you will be having  for lunch. Discuss what the name of the day is and the date. If possible write the date so your child can see it maybe on a white board.

9:20am Mile a day- Go to the local park ( ensuring social distancing ) or in the garden for a run around - count how many times your child can run around an object. Give lots of praise and encouragement.

9.40 Phonics time- See daily activity 

10:00 Snack Time Have a snack together and then talk about the learning activities 'Mrs Griffin has sent over today'.

10.20 Main activity Do one of the activities until lunchtime

11.40 Stop and tidy up together. 

12.00 Have lunch / prepare lunch together.

1:00 Mindfulness for 5 minutes -You tube mindfulness for children -New Horizon -Breath meditation for kids- mindfulness for kids The Magnificent Garden.

Do some Cosmic yoga together you tube -kids yoga or

1.30 Talk about your next activity- Daily maths fluency - Count in 2's,5's,10's, chant forward and back to 100- Chant the days of the week - Look at a clock - use hands to point to o'clock and half past. Practice writing numerals 0-10/ 0-20 

I will send you a daily maths activity  

Continue learning until maybe 2.30 pm- tidy up together.

Have a break by going  into your garden or for a walk remember the social distancing.

Back home to have a cosy and cuddly story time. 

Tell your child your ' school day' is finished and allow them to choose a special reward for their amazing behaviour.


We have a raffle ticket system in year 1 so the children receive a ticket after they show good behaviour/ choices, complete their work on time, show kindness, tidy up etc. You could try something similar by using a small square of paper if you cant get hold of a raffle ticket.

Remember to reinforce positive behaviour by telling your child why you are rewarding them. So for example, " wow I like the way you have helped me to tidy up after our learning, go and write your name on a ticket". You can put some small prizes in a 'magic bag' and your child can choose a prize after collecting maybe 5 tickets  or after a few days of learning. 

Top Tips to manage behaviour 

Give firm clear instructions - First …

Comment on the effort your child is making ' well done for '

Stop talking if your child is not listening-tell them ' ok I will stop talking until you are ready to show me good listening ears' then wait for them to give you their attention - when they do this give a clear thank you and continue. 

If your child is pushing boundaries then remind them of your expectation - (give warning) three warnings and then a consequence- have an area in the room for your child to go to reflect on their behaviour - if possible use a visual timer- these can be found online or use a basic egg timer.

It is essential that you follow through with any consequence to actions! If you do not then the child will become confused by the mixed message. This will be detrimental to their behaviour.

Please continue to use Priors Wood Language to remind children about the behaviour they are showing -Green is good to go ready for learning -Blue is feeling sad or unwell- yellow is feeling anxious or  showing silly behaviour  and Red behaviour is angry and out of control.

If red behaviour give them time to calm down- deescalate by saying ' I am here to help- talk to me and I will listen.

After they have calmed  down  give them an opportunity to repair and restore and then move on to a fresh start.


                               Year 1  Teaching and Learning 

As you know Year 1 have been learning about the Plague of 1665 so  this week we introduced

The Great Fire of London of 1666.

As we may not have time to deeply investigate The Great Fire due to  school closures, please see below some suggestions of learning that can be continued at home.

So far the children have watched a clip on you tube giving an overview of how the fire actually started. They have discussed some of the facts and created a story map and used pastels to sketch  a picture of pudding lane.

Create a fact file about the Great Fire.

Below are some of the questions you may want to share with your child.

What year was The Great Fire of London?

Where did the fire start?

What caused the fire to start?

How long did the fire burn for?

What made it difficult for the fire to be put out?

How did the fire change London?

Who wrote a diary about the Great Fire of London ?  

After the fact file - refer to the attached diary and complete this with your child. There are two copies so trust your judgment as to what sheet you should choose for your child to use depending on their academic ability.

If you would like to add cross curricular links to the topic you could make a house in the style of what could be seen on Pudding lane before the fire in September 1666. If you would like some inspiration and ideas go onto Pinterest. 

Meantime, please continue to revise the alien words and real words that I have sent out previously, I will also upload daily new words and digraphs.

Remember that You Tube have all Jolly Phonics  phases from phase 2 to 4 so please revise these as much as possible.

I  have also attached some guidance on how best to talk to your child about the Coronavirus and some b d activities  as some of you requested this during the learning reviews meetings.

Finally I have also attached  a home learning pack for you to use in-between activities if you choose to do so.

Take care 

Warm regards 

Mrs Griffin