Autumn Term 2019

Dear Parents/ Carers,

I am so proud of how well our Reception children are settling in and immersing themselves in their new routines and learning. They are already bonding as a class and creating new friendships 😊

For the first few weeks we will be establishing our new routines, building relationships with the children and completing their baseline assessments. Once we feel the children are settled and happy, we will begin our normal routines. This will include daily phonics where we will be starting phase 2 phonics. Every week you will be updated about which letters and sounds we have been learning to allow you to help them practice and embed this learning at home. Reading books will also be sent home on a Thursday and will be changed on a weekly basis. We will begin by sending home picture books which help children to develop inference skills, imaginative skills and storytelling skills. It is also an important skill to be able to retell stories, discussing the events in the correct order. Children will then move onto phonics books at their own pace. Children will also get to choose a book of their choice from our Reception book library to take home weekly on a Thursday to promote a love of reading.

PE will begin next week on a Tuesday afternoon and a Thursday afternoon. Pleasure ensure PE are always in on those days. We are very lucky to have Mr Farley taking our PE lessons. Children will need to start being independent in dressing and undressing for PE. It makes a big difference if you could support at home by encouraging them to start trying to change by themselves.

Our first topic is ‘Now and then’ where we will be finding out all about our lovely children; their opinions, how they have changed, all about their families and their interests. In Early Years we are child-led so our topics most of the time go off on a tangent when doing in the moment planning! In the present moment there seems to be an interest in slugs, towers and offices!

We ask children to bring in 50p on a Monday to cover our expenses- cooking materials, playdough/ slime making and art materials e.g. Clay. Thank you very much in advance for helping us provide the children with new and exciting learning opportunities!

As stated in our first weekly letter, Tapestry will be up and running very soon! If you have not completed and sent back the Tapestry slip, please do this asap so we can set up and create the accounts. For anybody new to Tapestry I am more than happy to do a quick PP to explain how it works and how you can use it as a parent. If you would be interested in this, please let me know 😊

Our first Parent workshare will be on fine motor skills to promote good hand strength for writing. This will be your opportunity to come and play partner your child in our Reception learning environment and see their work so far.

Any problems or questions please don’t hesitate to arrange a meeting with myself or grab me on the door.

I am looking forward to a very positive and exciting year with you all!

Miss Bourne 😊

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