Miss Bourne’s activities- 13.07.20

 Good morning my lovely Nursery Class :) Please see below activities for you to pick and choose from for the week.

The Last Week! 13.07.20

Summer Mindfulness Colouring


Ideas for Maths-

1. Numbers to 10 1:1 counting and number formation-

 Numbers to 10 

2. Simple addition-

 The frog prince addition

3. Count 1:1 when walking up/ down the stairs

4. Number hide & seek

5. Practise writing numbers in big chalk outside or on a whiteboard

6. Make different 2D shapes out of play dough. 


Some ideas for phonics-

1. Watch the Jolly Phonics Song

2. Practise writing your name. What sounds are in your name?

3. What objects can you find around the house beginning with a certain letter?

4. Phonics target- shoot water using a water pistol or spray bottle at phonics letters outside OR use baking paper and tape it down to the table. Write on phonics letters with a felt pen. Then say a letter and your child has to erase the letter with water. They could either use a syringe, paintbrush or cotton bud! Can they think of a word that begins with that letter?

4. Phonics cauldron- draw a big cauldron and put a letter in the middle of it eg. b. What can they think of that begins with a b that they can draw to add into the cauldron? 

5. Phonics Play website has free access. Try some phase 1 rhyming game and phase 2 satpin games.

Username: march20

Password: home

 Have a lovely summer, see you in September!

Miss Bourne :)


  Thank you for our EYFS staff portraits so far!



 Miss Bourne’s activities- Friday 05.06.20

 Good morning my lovely Nursery Class :)

  1. Listen to Miss Bourne read ‘Pirates love underpants’ on Tapestry.
  2. Dance along to ‘Shotgun by George Ezra’.
  3. Funky fingers- thread cheerios/ pasta onto string/ spaghetti.
  4. Make a pirate small world tray to play with- you could use shells, pebbles, sand, water or blue fabric, animal toys, a plastic container as a boat.
  5. Cosmic yoga- Pirate adventure- Cosmic Yoga- Pirates

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Bourne :)


  Thank you for our EYFS staff portraits so far!