Medical Needs


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When Your Child Feels Unwell

If your child feels seriously unwell and needs to go home, or has a more serious accident that requires further attention, particularly any injury to the head, you will always be contacted.

Return after sickness bugs

Please remember that children should be away from school for at least 48 hours, after their last bout of sickness or diarrhoea. This is in accordance with government guidelines as tummy bugs can spread rapidly if a child is unwell whilst in school.


Schools are advised not to give medicine to children in school. However, as a measure of good will, we will administer oral medicine which has been prescribed by the doctor to be taken 4 times a day and has a pharmacist’s label indicating the correct dosage. However, this will not be administered until a parental consent form has been completed.

For health and safety reasons children should not have medicines in their bags or in pockets.

Public Health Agency guidance for schools and childcare settings

School Nurses Team

Please click on the following link for the school nurses website.